Polygraph Examinations We offer (3) three types of Polygraph Examinations; Pre-Employment Periodic/Screening Specific Polygraph Pre-employment Examinations Once   a   company   is   interested   in   employing   a   person   for   a   position   within   their   company,   it   makes   sense   for   the   Company   to   ascertain   that   they   know   the   person   they   are   allowing   into   their company. New Employment applicants Ensuring the applicant was honest on the application form; Giving   the   applicant   an   opportunity   to   make   voluntary   admissions,   and   enabling   the   employer   to   make   a   decision   based   on   information   gained   before,   during   and   after   the   polygraph   examination,   as   well   as the result of the examination. Periodic/Screening Examinations Periodic   polygraph   examinations   is   used   as   a   preventative   measure.   It   reduces   theft   and   fraud   by   identifying   compromised   individuals   during   periodic   screening. This   is   effective   in   industries   with   large   volumes   of stock.   Having   regular   examinations   in   such   a   setting   offers   a   psychological   shield   against   theft,   as   employees   know   they   will   be   subjected   to   routine   testing.   Staff   would   also   then   be   less   likely   to   fall   victim   to criminal syndicates looking for a soft target. Companies are enforcing the practice of doing routine polygraph tests periodically within the company. The test has detected drug abuse and alcohol consumption cases in work time. More importantly, it creates a culture of honesty and is a deterrent for wrongdoing. Recommended for positions of trust ! Criminal syndicates often target individuals with access to physical wealth or sensitive corporate accounts and information. These positions include: Security personnel Stock controllers Finance staff Managers & Department heads Personnel Warehousing personnel Delivery Services. Cleaning staff Domestic workers Transit cash services Insurance fraud Specific Polygraph Examinations This type of Polygraph Examination is a case/issue specific examination that is aimed at identifying the deceptive party and clearing the innocent. This can be used in any type of scenario where the aim is to determine the involvement of individuals in a specific incident like, Theft Fraud Cash in transit Illegal payments or settlements to customers Issue of warehouse stock items to unauthorized staff suspicion of fraud in the workplace We also offer the following checks for our Clients: Criminal Record checks ID search Credit checks Vehicle license validation Qualifications (Matric and Tertiary) Services Pricing: Please call for Pricing or any additional information.
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