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Tru Polygraph examiners operate in (Tru Cape) Cape Town. Tru   Polygraph   Examiners   was   established   by   Louwrens   Knoesen   and   he   renders   a   professional   Polygraph   services   in Western Cape, country wide and to the rest of Africa.   Louwrens   completed   his   Polygraph   training   as   a   Forensic   Psycho-Physiologists   with   the   internationally   and   accredited institute,    Academy    of    Scientific    Investigative    (ASIT)    and    with    continually    attendance    of    advanced    education workshops approved and accredited by the Internationally American Polygraph Association (APA). The   American   Polygraph   Association   which   is   internationally   recognized   as   the   most   renowned   body   on   the   subject   of Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception by means of the polygraph. Louwrens   is   a   member   of   the   Southern   African   Polygraph   Federation   (SAPFED)    and   adhere   to   the   code   of   ethics, standards and principalities of them and to the American Polygraph Association (APA). The   highest   moral,   ethical   and   professional   conduct   will   be   maintained   and   with   complete   fairness,   dignity   and   respect. Will be objective and unbiased with protection of the confidentiality of the examination. Driven   by   passion   for   Seeking   the   Truth,   honesty   to   devote   us   to   helping   the   Truthful   and   honest   persons   in   proving their innocence and Exposing the guilty persons for who there are.
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