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Why a Polygraph test Tired   of   stock   losses/crime/theft   and   dishonest   people   in   your   business?   I   truly   belief   that   our   company   can   make   a   difference   to decrease   theft   in   any   company.   Companies   don’t   realize   that   if   they   don’t   spend   money   to   solve   a   specific   problem,   they   can potentially   lose   millions   each   year.   Employees   get   away   with   a   lot   and   if   not   properly   managed,   will   result   in   losing   money unnecessarily. Polygraph   testing   is   a   very   effective   tool   when   used   in   the   correct   way   by   experts.   Tests   are   used   to   verify   the   truth   and   detect deceit in individuals. Polygraph   tests   are   quick   and   efficient   and   can   eliminate   the   need   for   lengthy   investigative   processes.   The   polygraph   test   can immediately   direct   the   investigator.   It   is   important   to   remember,   however,   that   no   one   is   legally   obliged   to   undergo   a   polygraph test, but that reluctance to take one can arouse suspicion as to the reasons for declining. The   Polygraph,   commonly   known   as   a   “lie   detector”   is   a   relatively   new   concept   on   the   South African   Market.   However,   it   has   already   earned   its   rightful   place   in   first   world   countries.   It   is   gaining   greater   popularity and recognition every minute of the day. The   operation   of   the   polygraph   technique   depends   on   a   human   phenomenon   which   was   first   discovered   in   the   1920’s,   and   that   is   the   direct   relation   between   a   physiological   stimulation   –   some   condition   perceived by   the   mind   –   and   a   physiological   reaction,   a   condition   manifested   by   the   body. As   an   example,   if   you   recall   an   experience   where   something   frightened   the   wits   out   of   you,   you   may   recall   feeling   a   cold   chill,   a   cold sweat, or a general quavering of the muscles. These symptoms were caused by the danger you mind perceived. If   someone   asks   you   a   question   about   some   wrongful   conduct   which   you   have   in   fact   committed,   you   cannot   help   but   remember   what   you   have   done.   If   you   admit   it   you   are   inviting   punishment.   If   you   deny   it, knowing that you are lying, you risk getting caught. During a polygraph test, the risk is that your body will give you away. Accuracy Over   two   hundred   and   fifty   tests   have   been   conducted   by   or   under   the   auspices   of   the   American   Polygraph   Association   in   the   past   seventy   five   years   on   the   accuracy   of   polygraph   testing.   Since   a   polygraph examination   is   a   very   complex   process,   and   many   different   conditions   and   factors   are   involved   in   this   research,   it   is   difficult   to   draw   from   the   data   a   precise   figure   for   the   accuracy   of   polygraph   testing   in   all settings. However,   various   independent   studies   have   concluded   an   accuracy   rate   of   at   least   98%,   if   conducted   by   a   competent   examiner,   for   specific   issue   investigations.   Pre-employment   testing   is   considered   to   be   more or less just as accurate. While   the   polygraph   technique   is   not   infallible,   research   clearly   indicates   that   when   administered   by   a   competent   examiner,   the   polygraph   test   is   one   of   the   most   accurate   means   available   to   establish   truth   and deception. There are basically two ways to beat a polygraph. Either tell the truth, or don’t do the test. Tru Polygraph   neither practice nor endorse Computerized Voice-Stress Analysis, Layered Voice-Stress Analysis and / or Voice-Stress Analysis or by any other name. Polygraph   testing   should   not   be   confused   with   Voice   Stress Analysis.   Due   to   the   fact   that   independent   studies   have   yielded   that   it   is   “almost   as   accurate   as   flipping   a   coin”,   Tru   Polygraph      and   its   members   prefer not to be associated with this type of practice in any form. Voice Stress Analysis is also not being accepted by the CCMA. Who could make use of the Polygraph? The potential application of the polygraph is astonishingly far and wide. Virtually anyone can undergo a polygraph examination. This includes: Personnel about to be appointed to senior positions ( better know as personnel screening ) Person(s) suspected of committing certain crimes / misconducts Insurance companies – prevention of insurance fraud Shops / Factories – loss of stock / material / equipment / money… business concerns – departmental investigations Transport companies – damage to and / or loss of cargo / vehicles / cash Banks – for a variety of reasons Security   companies   –   investigating   loss   of   firearms,   possible   ‘inside   jobs’   pertaining   to   certain   armed robberies, burglaries and other related crimes Domestic   –   partners   being   accused   of   adultery,   relatives   /   friends   accused   of   child   neglect   /   abuse   / maintenance claims Anyone else seeking the truth about a specific issue Anyone wishing to prove his / her innocence regarding a specific matter. How does it work? A Misconception about polygraph does exist among certain individuals, which needs to be addressed. It is important to understand what a polygraph examination entails: A polygraph instrument will collect physiological data from at least 3 systems in the human body. A typical polygraph examination will include: A period referred to as a pre-test A chart collection phase. A   test   data   analysis   phase   in   the   pre-test,   the   polygraph   examiner   will   complete   required   paperwork   and   talk   with   the   examinee   about   the   test.   During   this   period,   the   examiner   will   discuss   the   questions   to   be asked   and   familiarize   the   examinee   with   the   testing   procedure.   During   the   chart   collection   phase,   the   examiner   will   administer   and   collect   a   number   of   polygraph   charts.   Following   this,   the   examiner   will   analyze the charts and render an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test. SERVICES PRICING: Please call  for Pricing or any additional information
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